Stick On Eyelashes Without Glue

Stick On Eyelashes Without Glue
Product Details

Product Description:

This kind of stick on eyelashes without glue is a new kinds of eyelash in our company , which may change our beauty routines for the better. What Hongfutian developed is a set of four lashes (two for each eye) which use magnets to sandwich your actual lashes. All without glue or a sticky adhesive! What's more, the magnetic lashes are lightweight and time-saving.What's perhaps the best part is that these magnetic lashes are reusable!


  • Made of premium synthetic fiber, safe and reusable, not easy to be allergic

  • 100% hand-made and soft lines and a layered texture to achieve a close to natural effect

  • Using the principle of magnets,no need to worry about taking off makeup, glue allergy and other issues

  • Convenient and fast,eliminating the cumbersome process of using glue

  • Natural and grace, very practical, cotton stalk, no trace

  • More lively and natural, suitable for all kinds of parties

Product Details:


Stick on eyelashes without glue


Classical single layered style


100% Handmade


Premium synthetic fiber




Black cotton thread


Round plastic box



Instruction of Usage:

  • Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case.

  • Compare false eyelashes with your eye lines and trim to suitable length and width if necessary

  • Hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes with add a bit pressure on it .

Product Display:


  • Type:Hand Made

  • Material:Synthetic Hair

  • Color:Natural Black

  • Style:Natural Long

  • Length:5MM-17MM

  • Thickness:0.10MM-0.25MM

  • Application:Daily Makeup

  • Service:OEM ODM

  • Package:Customzied

  • Band material:Pure cotton band

  • Service time:20-30 times with proper care