The Best False Eyelashes For A Natural Look

The Best False Eyelashes For A Natural Look
Product Details

Product Description:

Made of  high quality synthetic hair closed to real human hair, every single lash of this product is sterilized and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability. The best false eyelashes for a natural look naturally increases the lashes and provides an elegant eyeliner for the eyes. It will definitely make your eyes look bigger, more beautiful and naturally fascinating. Let this bunch of winged false eyelashes create a beautiful eyelash like a doll and make your eyes be impressive in people's minds. In addition, such false eyelashes have a variety choice of different styles. Therefore, there should definitely one style right suits you.


  • Make the contours of the eyes clearer

  • Eyeliner effect, makeup is easier

  • Sweat resistant and durable

  • Simple to use and comfortable to wear

  • Match your causal and party makeup

Product Details:

Product The best false eyelashes for a natural look
MaterialSynthetic hair closed to real human hair
Hair Color Black
Technical TypeFully hand made
BandComfortable and lightweight
StyleDefined and precise
ODM&OEM service Available
Package  As your requirement
  • Type:Hand Made

  • Material:Synthetic Hair

  • Color:Natural Black

  • Style:Natural Long

  • Length:8MM-15MM

  • Thickness:0.07MM-0.15MM

  • Application:Daily Makeup

  • Service:OEM ODM

  • Package:Customzied

  • Band material:Pure cotton band

  • Service time:20-30 times with proper care