Top Rated Natural False Eyelashes

Top Rated Natural False Eyelashes
Product Details

Product Description:

The focus of eye makeup must be a pair of talking eyelashes, and the importance of eyelashes to makeup is irreplaceable. Then false eyelashes are important makeup tools that make your face vivid and attractive.

Are you still upset why your eyelashes still not long enough no matter how you brush mascara? Then this false eyelash is your savior! The effect of this product is very outstanding, which will make your eyelashes more layered. The band is thick and black, which even can increase the eyeliner effect, so even if you forget draw the eyeliner, your makeup will still be very completed.


  • Made of premium synthetic fiber for added safety

  • Super light soft thin cotton band

  • 3D Natural effect by lengthening on outer corner of the eyes

  • Easy to wear,more comfortable and healthy

  • Add the charm of your eyes

Product Details:


Top rated natural false eyelashes


 Classical single layered style 


 100% Handmade


 Premium synthetic fiber 




 Black cotton thread


 As customers' requirements



Instructions for Use:

  • Use your eyelash curler to curl your own eyelashes and help the real eyelashes fit the false eyelashes

  • Compare the length of the false eyelashes to the eyes. After confirming the length, properly trim the false eyelashes

  • Curve the false eyelashes into an arc to accommodate the curl of the eye

  • Apply glue under the false eyelashes

  • Stick from the middle of the eye, then wait until the viscous glue is maximized, attach the ends and gently press

Product Display:


  • Type:Hand Made

  • Material:Synthetic Hair

  • Color:Natural Black

  • Style:Natural Long

  • Length:8MM-15MM

  • Thickness:0.07MM-0.15MM

  • Application:Daily Makeup

  • Service:OEM ODM

  • Package:Customzied

  • Band material:Pure cotton band

  • Service time:20-30 times with proper care