Glue the environmental factors

(1), the force. When sticks are split, not even when pulled away from the force, you can choose good toughness of glue, rubber glue, polyurethane, etc; when the uniform pulling force, shear force, when you can choose higher hardness and strength of adhesive, such as epoxy, acrylic adhesive.

(2) temperature. Different glues have different heat resistance. Depending on the temperature, using different glues.

(3) and humidity. Humidity and moisture is bad for stability of the adhesive interface, can be said to be harmful and useless. Because water molecules are small size, polarity, through osmosis, diffusion, serve as a hydrolysis, plastic surface damage or taking it off, resulting in reducing adhesive strength and durability. Glued components for good water resistance, selected epoxy, polyurethane rubber.

(4), chemical medium. Chemical media mainly refers to acid, alkali, salt, solvents and other, different types of glue, different curing conditions, with different media-resistant ability. So, to media in contact under the sticks using glue and sealant.

(5), outdoor conditions. Outdoor uses adhesive condition is more complex, temperature variations, rain, Sun Frost, etc, will accelerate the ageing of adhesive layer and shortened life expectancy. Therefore, in outdoor conditions, high temperature curing adhesive to use and good resistance to atmospheric aging of rubber, such as phenolic Acetal plastic, epoxy-nitrile rubber seal using silicone sealant.