How to grow eyelashes

The lowest life expectancies in the eyelash hair and an average life expectancy of 3-5 months, constantly updated, a development of eyelashes, extricate themselves after the addition, 1-2mm can be long a week, about 10 weeks, up to the length. Child has the longest eyelashes, and bending. In daily life, common for parents to infants and young children pulling out eyelashes, to long and black eyelashes, is no scientific basis for this practice, sometimes even resulting in infection and other accidents, and damage hair follicles, resulting in lack of eyelashes.

Slender, curved, dark, Flash, dynamic eyelashes eye-type beauty, face the United States as a whole has an important role. Eyelashes arranged in half-arcs. Eyelashes can foil to display the contour of the eyes, add eyes to the charm. Upper eyelid lashes than lower eyelid the lashes longer and fuller. With black, slightly upturned for the United States, it has become, especially women, face important modifying one of the. Therefore, people often used to apply mascara, sticking fake eyelashes, Eyelash and lashes on the eyelid methods such as landscaping. Lower eyelashes are short and sparse, and bending down. Sometimes by applying eyeliner or sharp eyeliner, means to make up for the deficiency of eyelashes open light, so as to better display the contour of the eyes.