Plastic box relationship between gloss and color effects

Plastic box gloss level of specular reflection refers to the surface of the plastic box, expressed as a percentage. Higher the gloss of plastic boxes, its more like a mirror-like reflection of light on the surface, the more he can show bright appearance characteristics. In fact, outside of specular reflection, plastic boxes, there is diffuse, bring down the plastic box gloss. High gloss plastic boxes of raw material, printing ink is more richly colored ink color Visual effects. It can be said that plastic box materials smoother, higher gloss, higher printing color gloss. Plastic boxes of raw materials has a close relationship between gloss and smoothness, but gloss is not smooth, plastic box shiny surface of raw material, is not necessarily smooth surface. From the plastic box gloss characteristics of raw materials, according to the printing characteristics of suitable plastic boxes of raw materials for printing, it is meaningful. The book text as text-oriented layout, better to use gloss paper to avoid reflection, making the eyes watching for a long time without fatigue. Layout of the printing plate, suitable for high gloss PVC, PET, PP material, makes printing even ink color, thick, bright eye.