Plastic box smoothness and color effects

Smoothness is to evaluate surface smooth degree of specification of plastic boxes are plastic boxes, surface smooth and uniform level of physical quantities, that is, under certain conditions of vacuum, a certain volume of air, from the plastic box under a certain pressure test sample surface with a smooth glass surface flows between the time required to measure, units are expressed in seconds. Seconds the smoothness of higher plastic boxes as possible. Plastic box smoothness as possible, printing surface contact with the printed edition, is more uniform and complete layout (relief) or ink transfer on a blanket is more fully, printing color effects are also possible. Conversely, smoothness of plastic boxes of raw material, uneven ink transfer, inadequate, and the permeability of the material surface of ink, color effects are poor, tend to make flooding and printing inks, light. So, printing fine products, network cable, network diameter smaller quicker, more good smooth plastic boxes of materials and printing should be used, in order to recreate the original well.