PVC production process

1, plate: plastic box plate CTP plate is widely used now.

2, material: plastic box packaging in general are used in PET, PVC, PP and other materials, PVC, PET thickness ranges are mostly 0.10-0.0.55, PP can be as thick as 0.75MM, because the material is too thick mounting plastic box is too hard, looking stiff.

3, print: outside of the plastic box is not printing, screen printing at best, because the plastic box is outside the box, so the printing process is very high, the most taboo color differences, dots, these effects fade aesthetic shortcomings.

4, surface treatment: surface treatment of plastic box packaging is usually to do, common is gum, dumb plastic, UV, varnish, matte oil. Offset printing is our said.

5, beer (die-cut): beer is an important link in the printing process, to beer must die cutter to do standard, if no beer, beer, beer continuously which can seriously affect the subsequent processing.

6, film: prints are usually over beer after the film, but the plastic box is a beer after the first film, is a fear of flowers package, two plastic boxes of exquisite overall appearance, must be hand-made the materials of plastic boxes, which can reach a certain appearance.

7. gluing: after passing through the laminator, needed after gluing procedure (automatic gluing, hand gluing), stick box need to pay attention to the choice of glue, different materials require different types of glue.