Color Selection Of False Eyelashes

In order to make fake eyelashes and eyelash rubbing together of their own nature, you should choose dark brown or black to Asian women.

Beyond choice but watch style false eyelashes, false eyelashes to see the Terriers. False eyelashes Terrier is generally divided into line stalk, cotton stalk, plastic stem three.

Cotton stalk with very soft, fitting not pierced eyelids, nor too easy to cock, but the disadvantage is torn off after Terriers easy to bend, repeated utilization is low;

Line makeup effect stems in winning better, transparent, invisible, cut a bunch of stickers, after the tear will keep the arc, while the disadvantages are relatively easy to fall off and tilted.

Comparison hard plastic stem, stalks and cotton stalks without fish line is good, but for a single eyelid and eyelid MM is a good choice, because hard stem of eyelids propped up, setting the effect is good.

For everyday makeup, generally choose soft light Terrier natural false eyelashes, not only comfortable to wear, and very stealth.