False Eyelashes How Paste Natural

Check the length of false eyelashes. Put false eyelashes on the eyelash with tweezers to clip together by way of comparison, look at the length is appropriate. Check central to align their own real lashes, false eyelashes in the middle.

When starting from the middle to the sides of the coated-coating, so that part of the eye and the eye end will have more glue, because the two sites are more likely to fall off. Good knowledge of coating method is to squeeze a little glue, apply a little, squeeze a little glue, paint a small section, and repeat until all the paint, direction was said between the two sides.

Recommended pair false eyelashes, outstanding results, and clumps of false eyelashes is best used with pair of eyelashes, make eyes more structured. Roots of bold type, thus allowing the eyes feel there; transparent roots and even too lazy to eyeliner and won't feel isolated. But use fake eyelashes, most closely associated and the roots must be soft, except for a quality brand, want "free good" the only way is to try different products, only really wear to be found, to feel the effect.