Morphology Of The Eyelashes

Lower eyelashes are short and small, about 50-75, about 6-8mm, slightly below the song forward. Male lower eyelid the lashes look for 100-120 degrees, females smaller than males by 10 degrees.

When closed, and upper and lower eyelashes are not intertwined. Central Department of upper and lower eyelid lashes longer, more, apply the shortest possible.

Eyelash follicle nerve rich, eyelashes are very sensitive and touches Eyelash can cause a blink response. Sweat glands around the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, they drain openings in the eyelash hair follicles.

Eyelash colors hair dark, nor is white with age (the occasionally senile Bai Jie), but can also be due to a disease, such as albino white.